Business Planning

The Business Plan is an indispensable tool for the entrepreneur who is in the active search for financing for his business project or his company.

At Unicapital, we are experts in the elaboration of a Business Plan appropriate to the first phases of the entrepreneurship project.

We carry out the construction of business models for projects or startups that operate "offline / online" channels.

Unicapital,  bring value. Market knowledge We help companies throughout their lives: creation, growth and renewal of the business. 

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Do you have an idea, a business project or a startup and are you thinking of taking the step? Then you need a Business Plan.

How will we help you?

Startup Financial Plan


For SME, we provide innovative solutions to address your individual business needs in all areas of financial planning.

One of the most important areas of focus for business  is implementation, and administration. A well-designed plan can help you  to further protect your assets through tax deferrals. 

We work with analyze your existing plan, recommend changes as needed, and help create a customized approach designed to address the specific needs of your business.

Financial Model


Every investor has a unique view of the market. we approach every portfolio individually. Your portfolio is designed specifically to balance risk and reward according to your overall financial picture, your  goals and preferences, and our support to give you  of your best path to financial success.

We rely on maximizing diversity and controlling risk. We believe that a high level of diversification can help protect against the ups and downs of the market, for long-term security.

We have the freedom to offer impartial and conflict-free advice and create portfolios that adapt to the needs of each client.

Cash Flow Forecasts OR Funding


We create cash flow loan structures that allow our clients to receive a larger loan amount.

We are well prepared in this and help companies understand the funding process.

Each loan structure is different depending on the type of loan needed and the credit profile for each company. We using different types of loans and intelligently layering them to increase your funding amount while decreasing your credit risk.

Preparation of Pro-forma Financial Statements


Assessments are an important part of understanding what steps need to be taken to achieve goals and maximize impacts. Unicapital  works with clients to provide all relevant insights to take decisive and informed actions.

Providing the most successful service stems from using tools tailored to perform specific functions in specific contexts. Unicapital works with clients to develop the tools necessary to provide high-class service.

Test Key Financial Indicators for a New Business


We have  capacity to provide sustainable best practice recommendations that mitigate financial, operational, and regulatory risks. Put our expertise to work and maximize the value of your business.

Our work is tailored to each client’s environment. We offers the assurance that your processes are documented and your risks are mitigated. Our team collaborates with our client to ensure that efficient practices are adopted to reduce the risk in your organization or your new business. 

Assessing project economic Viability


Assessing the economic viability and sustainability of potential projects is an important step to guide expansion efforts towards international markets and / or new business activities.

The Unicapital´s approach  is based on the needs and context of each client, So, we provides an unmatched level of knowledge to inform decision making.

Financial Analysis


The methodology to access the financial analysis includes:

  • I.D
  • revision
  • Evaluation
  • Evaluation and conclusions

Key Performance Indicators



  • IRR
  • ROI
  • Equity multiple
  • Dividend
  • Payback period
  • DSCR