Banking account advice

At Unicapital we assists our clients with selecting the ideal banking option that can handle best their industry sector and business activity. There is no one fit size in banking. Thus, the right banking relation is a must for any business or even startup to avoid future complexities

Assistance in Account Opening

The opening of a professional account is mandatory for all forms of traditional companies. In addition, entrepreneurs must now have a different account for their professional activity.

For companies and SMEs it is mandatory to have their own account that allows them to keep track of their transactions. You should be aware that your bank account has to meet specific characteristics that respond to the real needs of your business activity since, in addition to influencing your business, it can help you have greater economic control of your professional finances.

The purpose of Unicapital is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders choose the ideal bank for your professional activity.

How will help you?

  • Assistance in account opening
  • All Payroll related tasks
  • Financial Accounting related tasks




All Payroll Related Tasks


The payroll is one of the most important tasks in the management of a company, carrying the payroll is a complex activity, which merits basic accounting knowledge and the management of elements on which labor relations are established.

So that it can adequately comply with its structuring and it serves as a useful instrument for the organization of human resources and registration of payments, deductions, benefits, etc.

Unicapital will guide you at every step to have everything related to payroll, in a correct and organized way.

  • Required Information Required
  • Accruals
  • Deductions
  • Determination of the social security contribution bases


Financial Accounting Related Tasks

We support you to collect, order and record the information of the economic activity of your company. This allows evaluating the results of decisions that have been taken in the past, introducing changes and / or proposing new strategies and planning for the future.

 Attracting potential investors. Facilitating control and supervision by the relevant authorities.

  • Receivable Accounts
  • Accounts Payables
  • Journal Ledger Review